Inspired by "Inside Ali Abdaal's FULL Second Brain System" Tiago Forte

The first level of managing my personal information is to more consciously save information that I think will be valuable to my future self. So in this post, I’m only breaking down the C in CODE. Personally, I usually take most of my spontaneous notes in my physical notebook (the video in this post was roughed out in my notebook). I find it’s easy for me to get ideas down on paper before I move to the digital side of things. As for events and meetings I find I forget about those unless I add them to my calendar immediately (I have a little color code that I use for my events, but even that’s kind of random currently). Even though I don’t do as much reading as I’d like, when I do read in my downtime it’s on my phone in the Kindle app. Once I highlight anything in a book I set up a Readwise link so that they are immediately sent to my Notion database. Because I do a lot of graphic and visual work, I need a platform to put my documents, visual references, and 3d model files, and that’s where Google Drive comes into the mix. Last (for now) is just taking photos of things on my phone and syncing them to Google Photos, if I walk by any interesting furniture stores, or do a site visit I just take a photo and leave it there to come back to. My favorite feature is the location feature, so I can just zoom into a site I’ve been working on and see all the photos I took in the vicinity, it’s a lifesaver.

This is an ever-growing and changing mix of Capture tools, but this is my way of getting something out there to help develop my own system and maybe help you on my way. I highly recommend going to the source @ Forte Labs. I’ll be writing about the rest of CODE in the next weeks while I build my Second Brain.

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